Finally, MailNews gets the same attention as browser

With all of the work being done to improve the browser end of Mozilla, finally it appears that MailNews is getting the same attention.

The Minotaur project designed to "produce a stand alone mail application, built from the mozilla code base."

For additional detail on this project check out bug 90293


For some interesting stats on both the Phoenix and Minotaur projects, Blake Ross has posted some interesting benchmarks from these two projects in comparison to the Mozilla code base:

On a PII-350 with 128MB of PC-100 and a 7200RPM ultra-2 LVD disk, Phoenix starts in 3 seconds (compared with 5 seconds for Mozilla). Minotaur starts in 6 seconds (compared with 13 seconds for Mozilla).

Now, if I can only find a build of Minotaur to play with...

» posted by jeffp on August 16, 2002 at 11:17 AM


Will there be a possibility that a new OS be programmed based on Mozilla?

# posted by cheeaun

Maybe there will be eventually, but it'll be quite a long
time before such an OS ever sees the light of day, IMO.
Just look at how long it's taken to build a
brand new operating system based on a Linux codebase

# posted by DJGM

Take a look at OEone's products. Their Homebase Desktop is a fully functional desktop environment built ontop of Linux. It looks very impressive.

Anyhow, why would anyone want an OS based on Mozilla?

Mozilla is a cross-platform application development platform, nothing more, nothing less.

# posted by wvl

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