Download Manager is Giving You the Finger

Bug 233525 - Background of Download Manager looks like one-finger-salute

"When the download manager is on screen, the background image of that window (folder with arrow pointing down) looks like distractingly like a hand with middle finger up."


It's only in the default theme, and it's been marked as WONTFIX.

Adrian Holovaty reported a dupe of the bug:

One might say the developer who quashed the suggestion raised his middle finger at us.

That irony is classic.
» posted by pinder on March 05, 2004 at 07:51 PM


Glad to see that it's been marked as WONTFIX. Primarily, it's an arrow. No need to fix that.

# posted by Scott Johnson

It should be fixed, it's composed badly. Things like this matter, sorry.

# posted by James

James is right. If it accidentally looked like a penis or a swastika, you'd certainly say it should be changed.

This one's a bit milder, but ought to be changed (corners instead of rounded edges on the arrow? A tapered tail?).

# posted by Joe Grossberg

Sorry, this looks nothing more than a default download arrow telling general users something if downloading to their computer. Nothing more.
Though I guess I could never do those magic eye's!

# posted by Ian

shut up shut up shut up shut up

It's arrow. Grow up.

# posted by paul isaac

This is a good reason why Windows users should upgrade to 98SE.

# posted by SubGenius Kat`

I think I see the face of Jesus in there too.

# posted by Steven Garrity

Someone has one hell of an imagination to consider that as a middle finger. Either that or way too much time on their hands.

# posted by Stephen

I does look like a finger to me, but only after seeing this post. I never noticed before, and I've been using Firefox since the day it came out.

I don't think it should be removed. Remember the days when programmers left all kinds of little easter eggs in there programs? It seems kind of like an easter egg to me.

# posted by Steven Hoff

Keep it, i'll consider it as an insult to IE.

# posted by Jake

OMG i can see my penix in that image.... Is it really that small? oh n0s...

# posted by Jake

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