OSX Firefox Pinstripe Theme For Windows

Aladinsrl has released a Pinstripe lookalike called Modified Firefox Milk Theme for Windows users. It includes authentic "milk throbbers" from Safari. Here's screenshot and you can download it here (.RAR file).

Not sure how legal it is since its ripping images straight from Safari. An Aqua theme was created for Mozilla previously; however, apparently Apple asked the creator to pull it down, because of copyrights.

Also, the instructions to install the theme are kinda complicated. You need to install various extensions like Compact Menu, Tab Extension Browser, and Tab Preference, which are provided in the rar file. Then copy files to all sorts of chrome directories to get it to look like the screenshot.

I haven't tried it, but I'm sure someone out there is eager to try it. So get it while you can.

» posted by pinder on March 22, 2004 at 03:20 PM


Yes indeedy, it's a bit of a tricky install, but it's worth it.

Don't forget that FireFox can stay loaded in memory even though you've closed all the windows. I think this depends on the options you selected during install, but I had to kill it through task manager to get the various extensions to install and work properly.

Everything you need is included in the downloadable rar file, so you just need to follow the instructions carefully and do a bit of head scratching for anything that doesn't seem to make sense. Like the directory where you're supposed to put the userChrome.css and tabextensions.jar for example. That should be in your own user profile directory, not the administrator's which is what the install instructions seem to be saying.

# posted by Spike

Works, however i strongly suggest that you install Panther skin (from aquaxp.com) on top of XP or W2K3, because the menus seem to be driven from there. Can't test that now, having too much fun with that XP theme, but menus looked ugly in stock W2K theme.

# posted by ArSa

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