The Import Tool Lands

The Burning Edge: 2004-03-03 Builds is reporting that a new Import tool just landed on the Firefox trunk and should be in tomorrow's nightly build. It will import options, bookmarks, history, and passwords from Mozilla 1.x, Netscape 4.x, or Opera. The new Import feature is one of the big features for Firefox 0.9.

I tried it out using this unofficial build and it works pretty good. Importing from IE doesn't work yet and has been disabled for now. And if you try importing from Opera or Netscape 4.x and don't have them installed, it crashes. But hey, it's a nightly build, so I expected those kinds of things. And now some exciting screenshots:






» posted by pinder on March 04, 2004 at 12:20 PM


Wow, this should be a very good feature to allow to completely (and easily) move to firefox instead of IE or other browsers.

# posted by markku

While this is "good stuff", for Mozilla and even Netscape browsers this was more like an expected thing

Hey, it seems like it only copies the bookmarks files (and not so necessary cookies plus dangerous passwords)
It sould be easy to parse most of the preferences out of the Mozilla and even Netscape preferences files.
That would be cool, and make "upgrading" from Mozilla to Mozilla Firebird a real interesting option!

# posted by joe

Coming from Mozilla, I`d like to do an easy switch with my settings and bookmarks being imported.
For Cookies or passwords I don`t care.

# posted by tgquux

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