August Nightly Builds

Since the busy people at MozillaZine are not updating the Build Comments page at the moment, I thought I'd mention a few of the latest updates in the nightlies for the month of August:

Bug 30088: Type Ahead Find looks to be complete and has become a part of the default build. However to turn it on, add

user_pref ("accessibility.typeaheadfind", true);"

to your user prefs.

Bug 96736: The "Top 1000 Reviewer" floating image bug has been fixed.

Bug 48436: "Document: Done" in the statusbar has been changed to just "Done". Because you know, that's how Microsoft does it, so it must be right.

Bug 150232: Mozilla now submits the form on clicking the Enter key when <input type="image"> is used. Another nice fix for an annoying bug.

Bug 98092: When you right-click on an image and select properties, it now shows you the file size. A nice feature for web developers. Hat tip to Blogzilla reader Jeremey.

— And finally, my most hated bug: "Chrome buttons remain highlighted after dropdown item selected" has been fixed. And with that, a mighty cheer went up from the users of Mozilla.


If you're wondering where I found the above info, it all comes from this CVS Query, which lists the CVS Checkins for the month of August 2002.

Bonsai is the query interface to the Mozilla CVS source repository. To use Bonsai to look for the latest updates to the nightlies, go to the query form and select "MozillaTinderboxAll" from the Module Listbox. Scroll down and select a date range and click "Run Query". If you selected "In the last day" for a date, then you should see then see a screen like this, which lists all the checkins for the current day.

If you're using a nightly build, an easier way is to just select "CVS Checkins Today" from the QA menu. You can also bookmark the Mozilla Checkins in the last day listed in the links to the side.

I usually just skim through the descriptions for something that catches my eye. There's a lot of developer related jargon and code in there, so have fun!.

» posted by pinder on August 21, 2002 at 12:49 AM


Since the busy people at MozillaZine are not updating the Build Comments page at the moment

Actually, it's not going to be updated ever (unless someone else volunteers) because Asa has retired from the Build Bar.

Thanks for posting this list of recent checkins. I'm sure a lot of people appreciate it.

# posted by Alex Bishop

Yes, thank you much for posting this list of checkins, I really appreciate it. I'm glad they added the image size under the properties, that will help me out a bit, not too terribly important, but it's usefull everyonce and a while.

Type Ahead Find looks great, now I just need to go modify my prefs....

# posted by Andy

I have a 08/22 trunk build and I can't get the typeahead thing to work even after closing, changing my prefs and restarting. How's it supposed to be invoked?

# posted by Nick Atkins

Wow, Nick, I was about to make a similar post. This has been the case in all my trunk builds for a while now. Also on a 08/22 Build.

# posted by SharK DaD

Unfortunately, the 8/22 build has a horrible crasher bug that is caused by having popup-blocking enabled. Oh, the horror--I have to choose between seeing popups or having mozilla crash seemingly randomly. I've avoided popups for months now. I guess I can survive a few days of them until they fix it. Maybe. Incremental find and the fix for chrome buttons staying highlighted is almost worth it.

# posted by Tim Powell

Sorry, call me stupid but I just don't understand this feature! I like the idea of it and I know Emacs a bit, however I don't know what to do to get it to work. Do I just focus the browser and start typing/ Are there control keys or what? Thanks.

# posted by Nick Atkins

I too haven't been able to use the latest nightlies because of the issues Tim described, so I'm using the 1.1-latest build at the moment.

Nick, that's exactly how type ahead works. You just start typing in a word you want to find on the screen and it jumps to that word and highlights it. The features list on the Type Ahead page lists the control keys.

# posted by pinder

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