AOL Cuts Impact Netscape

Reuters is reporting that AOL has cut 300 jobs at various offices, including Mountain View, California, where the offices of Netscape are located. It is expected that this is only the first wave of layoffs, targeting "areas that are no longer core to the company's new strategy".

Daniel Glazman has confirmed this FuckedCompany report and notes that "Netscape is badly impacted". Netscape developer Andrew Wooldridge also notes that "today has been a really bad day" but doesn't elaborate.

Even though Mozilla is a seperate company, the majority of its developers work at Netscape. It's still a developing story, but If Netscape is impacted, one would expect Mozilla to be impacted as well. It's too early to say how though.

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Mozilla is a company? I thought was a consensus hallucination that didn't actually have a separate existence of its own, and that what physical infrastructure there was was owned by Netscape.

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There are layoffs in staff too.

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According to Reuters, expected second wave of layoffs could impact up to 2000 people.

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In terms of people working on the Netscape 7.x product, there were 10 lay-offs. Some members of Staff were affected (though losing their Netscape positions doesn't automatically mean that they lose their positions). A bad day, could have been worse, but a bad day all the same.

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Nice time to lay everyone off. Merry X-mas!

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I wonder if any of these redundant AOL staffers go over
to "the dark side" and end up working over at Microsoft?

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No, they go to work with Hyatt at Apple.

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More details available at Scott Collin's site:

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More details available at Scott Collin's site:

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So, is this blog dead? I'll be taking it off my favorites soon...

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Is blogzilla still active?

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