Copy/Paste Long URLs

Sometimes when you get e-mails with long URLs in them from Outlook people, they show up broken like so:

This is because Outlook wraps URLs longer than 72 characters, whereas Mozilla Mail does not :) To visit the above link, you'd have to manually rebuild the full url using copy/paste several times. If you copy/pasted both lines into the address bar, everything after the first line break would be stripped, so you'd have to go back and copy/paste each line of the url.

By adding this line,

user_pref("editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines", 3);

to your user.js file for Mozilla or Phoenix, all line breaks will be stripped out when you paste into the address bar.

Now if you tried copy/pasting the above URL, line breaks and all, the full URL appears with the line breaks stripped out. No more rebuilding long URLs.


On another note, sorry for the long absence. This site is not dead and will return to regular scheduled posts.

» posted by pinder on January 06, 2003 at 12:58 PM


Excellent tip, thanks!

# posted by komlenic

Is there any good reason not to set this as the default behaviour?

What are the results for values other than 3?

# posted by David Gerard

The other options for Newline paste behavior are:

0 = paste unchanged,
1 = paste only first line,
2 = replace with spaces,
3 = strip newlines

# posted by pinder

Yep, 3 should definitely be the default behaviour!

# posted by David Gerard

Err... Correction: the lines after the break are not stripped - the get wrapped! So just go to the end of a line and hit Delete. But the tip is of course great!

# posted by Nikolai Prokoschenko

Blogzilla lives! and what a great tip, thanks!!

# posted by adam

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