April 21, 2004

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6a Released, with New Artwork

Mozilla Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6a, based on the Mozilla Mail 1.7 branch, was released yesterday. Incredible new artwork has landed on this build, courtesy of the Mozilla Visual Identity Team.

Curious of the creation process of the brand-new Thunderbird mail icon? Drop by Steven Garrity's post on the topic. Steven heads the team and intends to keep a running list of weblog entries from members of the group.

Also new to the nightly:

  • The about dialog has been reworked, with a recently redesigned Thunderbird logo (ahem!).
  • The Pinstripe theme for Mac OS X has improved with "the return of status indicators in the message list pane (for replied, forwarded, and mark as deleted)" and various bug fixes.
  • You can now open attachments from within mail compose (double-click or right-click open).

More improvement details at this builds' release notes in the MozillaZine forums. Thanks Scott, and all other Thunderbird developers/contributors.

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April 16, 2004

FireFox Find In Page Now Searches Textboxes and Textareas

The excellent Burning Edge, which reports bug-fixes and continued regressions in Firefox daily builds (for all platforms) is reporting that the trunk build for April 16th contains searching within text forms. It is the one feature that IE has that I've longed for in Firefox, and finally it's here. That's one fewer reason to use IE, which I only use from time to time to see how the other 85% of the web is living.

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April 15, 2004

No New Window on Double Click 0.1

Currently, upon double-clicking a folder in the folder-pane in Mozilla Thunderbird a new instance of the email client opens. This feature — dare I say bug — has haunted me since my move from Outlook Express. (I've whined about the default behavior since July 2003.)

Great news — there is now a fix: The No New Window on Double Click extension (right-click to save). Instead of opening another window, the plugin will collapse or expand folders which have subfolders. If you have any comments for the extension's author navigate to this thread at the MozillaZine Forums.

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