Firebird Rebranded...Again

h-ff-dl.png Mozilla Firebird 0.8 is out, and oh, it's got a new name, again. The new name is Mozilla Firefox. Get it from the download page, or use this BitTorrent file. The name change FAQ has the details, Ben Goodger and Steven Garrity and Jon Hicks have more details about the rebranding. So the name went from mozilla/browser, to m/b, to Phoenix, to Firebird, and now again to Firefox.

I can understand why they changed the name, but I still hate useless name changes. Especially at key times when getting new users to convert to the product and increase market share is a top priorty. It was getting much easier with the new snazzy website, and even the name Firebird had penetrated to the point where it was becoming a recognizable name among new users who had "heard something about it". Even though its a tremendous product, it just feels like they've hit the reset button one too many times. I just hope this is the last time. Also, I hope Clint Eastwood was consulted before they picked the new name. If that fails, they can always call it Chinese Democracy Browser.

Also of note, Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5 is out. Coolest new feature: multiple identies per account.

Also of note, this site is active again.

» posted by pinder on February 09, 2004 at 10:05 AM


Good to see the site "active" again! I'm in total agreement with your thoughts on "hitting the reset button" one too many times, but for some reason, it feels like this time they got it right.

I really dig "Firefox" as a name, and it really seems like the foundation has a chance to get marketing and branding truly dialed in and nailed down in the next year, with people now solely dedicated to such efforts.

# posted by komlenic

I like the new name, but I keep on typing in Firebox…

 – Minh

# posted by Minh Nguyễn

Like the name too :) Just was getting used to FireBird though :) Wonder what the rationale is behind its new logo though. Nah doesn't quite look like a fox, does it? :)

# posted by Amit

I like the name firebird better. but the new logo is nice.

# posted by akmal

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