May 29, 2003

And $2 your change, and we thank you

Microsoft settles browser suit with AOL. AOL gets $750 million as well as a seven-year royalty-free license of Internet Explorer. I wonder how long before Netscape is declared dead (again). I assume this also probably means that embedding Gecko in AOL software has been scrapped. It never seemed like they were all that serious about that anyway.

Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg is quoted in this c|net article as saying,

As for AOL's license of Internet Explorer, Gartenberg said the impact will be minimal. "There isn't anyone else in the browser market. I guess the Opera guys are sort of left out."

Isn't anyone else in the browser market? In due time, Mozilla Firebird will rise. Rise from the ashes of Netscape and Mozilla Application Suite (pre 1.4 Moz). Oh, if only there was some sort of word in the English dictionary for a bird rising from ashes, I would use it now.

In future news, AOL will blow $750 million faster than any company in the history of the world.

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May 24, 2003

Jazilla 1.0 Released

A Java rewrite of Mozilla project went into hibernation in 2000 and has recently been restarted (news released today at Slashdot). The goal of the project, known as Jazilla, is to create a "Mozilla like Browser suite, which is standards compliant and embedable." The first milestone can be found here.

"Significant (implemented) features include:

· chrome:// support
· JavaScript implemented for the GUI thanks to the Rhino engine. HTML Scripting coming.
· GUI in part, uses XUL and W3C DOM
· Written in 100% Java
· Open Source
· Uses the NetBrowser renderer, which is actually based on Jazilla-classic work."
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May 21, 2003

Change the Default Text Size

Ever wanted to permanently set the size of text displayed in whatever flavor of Mozilla you prefer? Doing so only takes a simple tweak. Simply add * {font-size: 150%;} to your userContent.css file.

Hat tip to miken32 for offering this up in a MozillaZine thread.

Update: Changed userChrome.css to userContent.css above. Thanks for pointing this out Rizzo. And you're right about inconsistencies. All, use this at your own risk (it can be a bit buggy of an implementation). Go with Tools > Fonts and Colors > Font Size instead.

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XUL - The ĎNetís Biggest Secret

Harry Fuecks, the same author of the last two XUL articles we mentioned has a new article posted on Sitepoint geared towards beginners entitled: Introducing XUL - The ĎNetís Biggest Secret.

If you're wondering why we're constantly promoting XUL here on Blogzilla, its because we think XUL is really cool! (hey wow, that ryhmes)

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May 20, 2003

Mozilla Firebird 0.6 Released

Mozilla Firebird fans: version 0.6 is out and available for download. It has a bunch of new features and a milestone build for Mac OS X as well.

Asa was the first to break the great news.

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May 09, 2003

Rich Text Editing in Movable Type posted a hack to enable rich-text editing for Movable Type in Mozilla.

Maybe I was doing it wrong, but the part about adding the document.write table after the if/else didn't work for me, but the following did, when placed after that <script> block:

<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="107">
<td width="24"><a href="javascript:wrapSelection('b')">
	<img src="<TMPL_VAR NAME=STATIC_URI>images/bold-button.gif" alt="bold" width="24" height="18" border="0"></a></td>
<td width="24"><a href="javascript:wrapSelection('i')">
	<img src="<TMPL_VAR NAME=STATIC_URI>images/italic-button.gif" alt="italic" width="24" height="18" border="0"></a></td>
<td width="24"><a href="javascript:wrapSelection('u')">
	<img src="<TMPL_VAR NAME=STATIC_URI>images/underline-button.gif" alt="underline" width="24" height="18" border="0"></a></td>
<td width="26"><a href="javascript:insertMozLink()">
	<img src="<TMPL_VAR NAME=STATIC_URI>images/url-button.gif" alt="link" width="26" height="18" border="0"></a></td>

If you like, you can download this edit_entry.tmpl file where I have already made the changes, and upload it to MTPath/tmpl/cms/edit_entry.tmpl. You of course do so at your discretion.

[link via asa]

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C|Net News distorts reality again

Jayesh Sheth of MozTips has written a good article entitled Paul Festa of C|Net News distorts reality again, deconstructing a recent C|Net News article about Composer.

I tend to skim any Mozilla article on C|Net since every article usually includes quotes from Mozilla developers' blogs taken out of context, pithy commentary, and matters of opinion stated as fact. Furthermore, I don't think C|Net has even tried using Mozilla since the Netscape 6 days.

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Thunderbird, Now with Spellcheck

In the May 8th nightly build of Mozilla Thunderbird, you can now choose to download a version that includes the return of the spell checker. The ugly yellow triangle system tray icon is gone as well. Good build!

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