XUL - The ĎNetís Biggest Secret

Harry Fuecks, the same author of the last two XUL articles we mentioned has a new article posted on Sitepoint geared towards beginners entitled: Introducing XUL - The ĎNetís Biggest Secret.

If you're wondering why we're constantly promoting XUL here on Blogzilla, its because we think XUL is really cool! (hey wow, that ryhmes)

» posted by pinder on May 21, 2003 at 10:22 AM


There is no data, only XUL.

# posted by ninja

Pardon the self-link, but I've written a piece about how I've discovered and been impressed by XUL: XUL: How I learned to love non-native GUIs.

# posted by Steven Garrity

hey guys, this is a GREAT browser..
the firebird really ROCKZ .. and i am pushing for
making it the default browser in my organisation

thanks to all from the MoZilla community :-)

# posted by Ajay

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