Jazilla 1.0 Released

A Java rewrite of Mozilla project went into hibernation in 2000 and has recently been restarted (news released today at Slashdot). The goal of the project, known as Jazilla, is to create a "Mozilla like Browser suite, which is standards compliant and embedable." The first milestone can be found here.

"Significant (implemented) features include:

· chrome:// support
· JavaScript implemented for the GUI thanks to the Mozilla.org Rhino engine. HTML Scripting coming.
· GUI in part, uses XUL and W3C DOM
· Written in 100% Java
· Open Source
· Uses the NetBrowser renderer, which is actually based on Jazilla-classic work."
» posted by jonathan on May 24, 2003 at 04:37 PM


anyone have screenshots of jazilla 1.0 ?

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# posted by ninja

Some more screenshots are available at http://gemal.dk/archives/000143.html

# posted by Raf

This is great news. I wouldn't use it for day-to-day use but having a standards based rendering engine to embed in applications will create a world of new windows for java programmers.

# posted by jeremy

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