FirefoxView: 'View This Page in Firefox' Extension for IE

IE View is a useful extension for web developers that launches IE and lets you view what the page looks like in IE.

FirefoxView is the opposite of IE View, it lets you complete the round trip and view what a page looks like in Firefox from IE.

Kind of a strange extension install; it's an extension you install in Firefox, which installs "View This Page in Firefox" item to the context menu in IE. Windows only, and doesn't work with Norton Antivirus 2004 with script blocking enabled.


» posted by pinder on December 07, 2005 at 10:01 AM


how about IE Tab extenstion?
have you tried that?
as i see, no need of 2 different extensions.

# posted by fxuser

IE Tab extension keeps the Firefox UI loaded, but calls and utilizes the Internet Explorer browsing engine (only, but not IE's UI) to view the page a person is viewing.

The author says it best: "FirefoxView extension adds menu items to the Internet Explorer context menu. Right click somewhere on the page and choose "View This Page in Firefox" to open Firefox with the current URL. Similarly, right-clicking on a link (image, anchor etc.) and choosing "Open Link Target in Firefox" opens the link target in Firefox. Obviously, the extension works only on Microsoft Windows."

# posted by Laurence

Yeah, that FirefoxView is weird stuff.

# posted by David Naylor

I agree IE Tab is way more conveinient. It even has a setting so that you can always load specific sites with the IE engine. Netscape 8 or something had this feature, but having it as an extension is much better because I know what I'm getting myself into. Microsoft Update website from Firefox, nice.

# posted by orrin

when i click on that menu, it keeps open in the new tab.
can it be possible to open in the same tab???

# posted by plusone

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