IE7 RSS icon to use Firefox RSS icon

The Microsoft Team RSS Blog announced today that to encourage consistency between browsers, IE7 will be using the Firefox RSS icon to represent RSS and RSS-related features.


» posted by pinder on December 14, 2005 at 03:48 PM



# posted by Anonymous

It's very important now to remember this fact and link to fix future mistakes of various people that will be talking about FF: "Wow! Here is icon from IE! Cool!"

# posted by Serge Matveenko

Now if only Opera would do the same...

But seriously, I find it strange that using this icon in IE will help to make both browsers consistency better. Sounds more like if we use this icon, the step back from Firefox to IE7 will be less of a problem for our users.

# posted by localhost

>the step back from Firefox to IE7 will be less of a problem for our users

i think it muswt be so. If using IE will be more likly for the endusers, then just let em go...
it's competition...

# posted by Serge Matveenko

what woulda happened if FF wanted to use an IE icon?

would they say something like: "No problem, the licensing fee will be X per installation of FF" ?

# posted by rafiq

check your spelling- 'epresent' is missing an 'r'.


# posted by grammar nazi dork

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