XUL Channels

XUL Channels:

XUL Channels is an on-line RSS aggregator written in XUL and PHP/MySQL.

At this moment all XUL Channels do is display RSS feeds.

Later on you'll be able to create your own account etc.

Looks like a great project to keep an eye on.

» posted by pinder on April 21, 2003 at 01:56 PM


Interesting app. Why is this the only in-browser XUL-app I've seen? Could this be a better way to implement web-applications rather than building app-like UIs in HTML?

# posted by Steven Garrity

excellent implementation of an aggregator. finally, an aggregator tied tightly to mozilla that does not take you for a ride!

there is a simiar web site / program that i have been signed up with for some time: http://www.mylinky.com/

it is a flash based book mark program accesible via your account from any computer. perhaps some ideas can be borrowed from here?

# posted by yaj

The Mozilla Amazon Browser is another interesting XUL based app to take a look at.

# posted by pinder

When you resize the tab the screen to the right flickers back, anyone else? Bug number?

# posted by Josť Jeria

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