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PNH Developer Toolbar v0.5 is indeed a must have for any web developer. The Layout Tools menu has some very useful features like the ability to outline block and table elements, or ability to manually set or display the current window size. The View Source button also opens the current page's source in a new tab instead of a new window! You can also easily submit any page to any number of HTML or CSS validators.

It only works on Mozilla and Netscape though. Anyone know how to hack the xpi to make it work in Firebird? It could also use a shortcut key so that you can easily show/hide it.

[link via A Whole Lotta Nothing]

» posted by pinder on April 15, 2003 at 02:01 PM


Like it, like the layout tools. Nice bar

# posted by Lancer

Installing it for Fbd is fairly simple. Xpi and jar files are basically zip archives so we can edit contents easily.

1. Unzip pnhtoolbar.xpi (renaming it first if neccessary). It contains install.js and pnhtoolbar.jar

2. Open pnhtoolbar.jar (it's effectively zip file once again), you're interested in content/contents.rdf

3. Edit contents.rdf and change chrome://navigator/content/navigator.xul to chrome://browser/content/browser.xul (lines 16 & 19)

4. Save contents.rdf, pack it back into pnhtoolbar.jar and pack pnhtoolbar.jar & install.js back into pnhtoolbar.xpi

5. Open pnhtoolbar.xpi with Fbd (open file will do just fine) and install it.

6. Restart and enjoy.

# posted by Aabram

Otherwise working in Fbd except it doesn't uninstall nicely. It can be uninstalled manually if needed but since I can't seem to post RDF tags (all tags get eaten here?) you just have to edit


and remove all relevant lines/sections plus delete chrome\pnhtoolbar.jar itself.

I hope author will do Fbd version too.

# posted by Aabram

Checky from does a lot of this from the context menu and is Px compatible

# posted by Chris Neale

I just updated the toolbar... fixed a few minor bugs and added a Firebird/Phoenix compatible version (not that static toolbars are totally native acting). Version 0.51 is available in the same place and can be installed over your existing installation.

# posted by Chris

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