Type ahead find is in the nightly builds

Yes, that's right all you emacs users and cool feature addicts. No more playing around with prefs.js or downloading XPI's to get this feature to work.

What is it? Just start typing on a web page to highlight the matching text. This wil l find any matches in hyperlinks.

If you want to search just the text, type the "/" character before typing and it will search non-links.

It's a pretty cool feature for quickly picking out the text you are looking for on a page and is the first major step forward in browser "Find Dialog" technology since, ummm, Netscape 1 maybe?

Anyhow, download a nightly build and check it out.

» posted by jeffp on September 11, 2002 at 01:35 AM


I cannot get this to work! I'm using the latest nightly build (1.2a) on Red Hat 7.3. Any ideas?

# posted by Scott Granneman

One more note: I installed using the RH RPMs.

# posted by Scott Granneman

How do you go about finding the next link? It finds the first one fine, but what about the second and third occurance of a word? Hitting the / again would be nice...

# posted by Glen Willms

Use Ctrl-g to find the next occurance.

# posted by Stefan

Ctrl-G to find next
Ctrl-Shift-G to find previous

or you can use

F3 to find next
Shift-F3 to find previous

# posted by pinder

The full docs are here:

# posted by Aaron Leventhal

I'm using Mozilla 1.2a too, and it's stunning fast!!
But I'm wondering is there any way to remove mail , chatzilla ,etc.
I never use theme anyway.
My OS is Mac OS X 10.2. No net-installer for Mac....:<

# posted by Leo Nardo

Hi Im using 1.2a on os x and i can't seem to get type ahead find to work.itworks fine on m windows machine. any suggestions?

# posted by John Dow

Look at the post-LFS mozilla/phoenix build instructions how to add and/or remove features to/from mozilla:

# posted by chaosmorph

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