Mozilla Skins version 1.2

Kam-Yung Soh writes: "Mozilla's skin version has been updated to 1.2. This may cause older skins, plugins and themes to break." Recent changes in the trunk make older skins incompatible with current builds. Theme developers, start updating! More information in Bug 164174 - Update skin version to 1.2 due to new incompatibilites.

» posted by pinder on September 16, 2002 at 09:26 AM


Anyone know what's been updated with the skin change to 1.2?

# posted by ski

Anybody know why and what they changed?

# posted by Jose Jeria

Well, I know that 3 new files were added for messenger and this pretty much broke skins completely. I guess they decided to upgrade the version number so that Mozilla complains when switching to an older theme instead of crashing when you start up Mail/News with an erroneous theme. The files in question are


Just adding these files to existing themes would make it work before. Now even this won't work because of the version change.

# posted by Pratik

Patrik, exactly what do you mean with "added for messenger"? I completelly missed that.

# posted by Jose

I think by "Messenger" he meant the Mozilla Mail client.

# posted by pinder

Updated versions of Orbit * are on freshmeat

Alternatively, adding the dummy stylesheets as above and changing skinVersion="1.0" to skinVersion="1.2" in contents.rdf will work

# posted by Chris Neale

I miss the Luna theme for mozilla 1.2b! It only works with Phoenix 0.4

# posted by Torleif Askedal

Had trouble with Orbit +3 when I tried to filter my mail :(

# posted by doug r

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