Tracking the progress of Minotaur

It looks like Minotaur is back on track again. Thanks to Scott McGregor, Minotaur may see the light of day soon.

Progress seems to be going along pretty well according to Asa and if you want to follow the what appears to be a tracking bug for Minotaur, look here


Further proof that Minotaur is back on track: has added Minotaur branch tracking back to it's excellent Bonsai Bug viewer

» posted by jeffp on March 18, 2003 at 02:35 AM


I tried pulling the minotaur branch about a week ago and I was getting build errors having something to do with a missing include in the typeahead find extention.

I can't seem to find any instructions on building minotuar. Has anyone had any luck? This is on a FreeBSD system, but if you can get it working on Linux that would be close enough.

# posted by Mike

From the looks of it, Thunderbird is back on too. Woohoo! One day I will finally be freed from the pain in my ass that is Outlook Express.

# posted by Jonathan

Seems like Gemal has some nice links and info on it.
Apparently release 0.1a isn't too far off;

# posted by Jed

Nevermind, I got it working today. Just pull the MINOTAUR_0_1_BRANCH and build with MOZ_MINOTAUR=1 in your ~/.mozconfig.

I really like what I see. It's a slightly chopped down version of just mailnews. I can't wait till they start doing things with the preferences and other stuff like they've done to phoenix. Keep up the good work.

# posted by Mike

Thats a really good thing because a lot of people (like me) use phoenix, ie but have mozilla installed just for e-mail.

# posted by jr

I've looked around for more information about the expected release of Thunderbird, but to no avail. Any clues as to when we can expect it?

Related question:
Is the not-sure-of-new-name-but-currently-Phoenix browser going to be wrapped up by the end of this month as the roadmap states?

# posted by Jonathan

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