Mozilla 1.3 Released

Woohoo! Mozilla 1.3 has been released. I've been highly anticipating this release for quite some time now.

Read the release notes and download now!

» posted by pinder on March 13, 2003 at 12:23 PM


Holy heck, I just downloaded 1.2.1 five hours ago. Grrrr.

# posted by Ben Margolin

You bastard! Looks like it finally flushed out the last of NewsMonster. Sweet!

# posted by eric

Do an about:config in the Address bar. ;)

# posted by Chris Pirillo

Hmm, there's problem with XPI-install in OSX though...

# posted by Liorean

Testing the script.

# posted by Test^Ing

Is there anywhere I can go to find explanations for the preferences found in Phoenix using about:config?

# posted by Jonathan

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