Spam blocking coming to Mozilla Mail

Browsing the CVS checkins for Mozilla, I noticed a lot of work being done on a spam blocking feature for Mozilla.

After a little digging I found the bugzilla bug associated with it, 169638.

It seems like this feature will be based around a "scoring" system that queries email to determine how likely it is to be spam. It looks like you will be able to control the sensitivity of this "scoring" via a preferences panel.

Once the spam filter has been turned on, you can view the "SPAM" folder to see what's there with the "score" for the email displayed.

» posted by jeffp on September 19, 2002 at 05:01 AM


The UI spec has some more details and pretty screenshots (mock-ups). There's more bugs around as well (for backend etc.).

# posted by Alex Bishop

They need a P2P anti-Spam project.

# posted by jack

Something like's project should be made available for Mozilla users

# posted by niyogi

Apart from filters that sort your incoming email into spam /non spam how about a bounce function.

# posted by Michael

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