Phoenix get's a little more configurable

Alerted by the vague post on the weblog of Asa Doztler:

Joe Hewitt rocks! (tomorrow's Phoenix build is worth getting). posted by asa at 9:55 PM

I looked into the buglist for Phoenix to figure out what he was talking about. After a little digging I found bug 171101 - new toolbar customization features which says:

Just creating this bug to cover all of the toolbar customization changes I am about to land, including:

* ability to customize toolbars live in the browser window, instead of a dialog
* ability to add and remove toolbars
* ability to add flexible spacers
* ability to customize placement of the personal bookmarks


» posted by jeffp on September 27, 2002 at 07:24 AM


They can do that all with XUL? COOL!

# posted by rgw

"Gets" has no apostrophe.

# posted by Captain Grammar

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