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Asa has posted a build of Phoenix on his site. It even uses the Orbit theme as default. But View | Customize Toolbar... is what you want to play with. Very cool.

» posted by pinder on August 11, 2002 at 11:51 PM


Uhh, it's cool allright but can you make it save your config? It picks some of the things up when you manually set them in prefs but not all (proxy, privacy settings).

But definitely thing to keep an eye on.

# posted by sven

I've tried it, and so far I'm impressed even though it is
only an early test build. One fairly small problem I've
found is that there is still the section in the Prefs dialog
box for Themes. If you attempt to switch themes, such
as the Modern theme, there are no buttons or URL field
on the toolbar, and nothing in the Customise dialog.
Apart from that, it's all good, and I look forward to
trying the next version, if there is one anytime soon.

# posted by DJGM

It's certainly nice to get some of my reworking of Kent's stuff into the Moz source tree

Phoenix is interesting, but has bugs (under Linux at least)

Forward and back button use causes a duplicate button to appear

And in the building of Phoenix, I appear to have locked myself out of just building boring old Mozilla


OT: can all the links to alfordot go to morbit instead

# posted by Chris Neale

I'm using the Phoenix build that Asa posted last week, and it certainly shows much potential. That build is no longer available, however. Anyone know where builds will be distributed from in the future?

# posted by cobra libre

I'm looking for this build to try out too. Right now I'm
mainly using Crazy Browser and Internet Explorer
with a ton of customizations [using Web accessories
and Tweak UI]. The usability in Crazy is great ad I'd\
like to see many of the things in Crazy added to mozilla too.

Looks like others have the same desires too from my
perusal of the newsgroups. At some point, maybe I'll
learn how to build binaries to do the customizations

Custom toolbars would be great. On Crazy Browser,
you can launch other programs from the toolbar. I do
this all the time instead of using the Start menus as
they're easier to configure and it's more convenient
than bringing the cursor to the start menu.

At any rate, if someone could post a link to the phoenix
install, I'd appreciate it.

# posted by Michael Moy

I have to download another flash player for phoenix or can use mozilla flash player?

# posted by Tony

Can you use mouse gestures with Phoenix 0.3?

# posted by rodrigo

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