No, no, that was only a "codename"

In case you haven't heard, new Mozilla names have been "clarified". According to the article Mozilla Branding, the official name for pre Mozilla 1.4 is Mozilla Application Suite. After 1.4, focus will shift to the Firebird/Thunderbird "codename" projects, which will eventually be named Mozilla Browser and Mozilla Mail.

Phew! I hope they make profile migration easier cause creating all these new profiles is making me batty.

In case you're keeping track at home the Phoenix/Firebird name has changed from mozilla/browser (m/b) to Phoenix to Firebird to Mozilla Firebird to Mozilla Browser.

We've come round full circle. Nothing can possiblie go wrong.

» posted by pinder on April 27, 2003 at 11:22 PM


I'll probably always call it Phoenix, though, just like Prince, whom I've always called Prince.

On another note, I've always thought that the codenames for versions of Microsoft Windows were cool (well, "Snowball" notsomuch) and that MS should have went with them instead of version numbers, model years, and silly acronyms.

# posted by Richard

Confused? You will be...
Actually I think they are going to miss thousands of geeky Harry Potter fans.

# posted by Chi

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