mozilla/browser screenshot

Blake Ross has posted a screenshot of mozilla/browser. I will attempt to compile m/b this weekend and hopefully post more screenshots.

» posted by pinder on April 26, 2002 at 09:57 AM


seems to be, a XUL version of Ms Internet Explorer.

# posted by lancer

Which completely misses the point. It's not about how it looks, it's about how it functions. If having a home button on the toolbar makes it look less like Mozilla, it makes it function better. It's still Mozilla under the hood, just with a better interface.

# posted by Joe Q

Um, no, it's not just Mozilla with a different frontend, or it wouldn't be >= 20% faster. Granted that it is largely Mozilla under the hood, at this point, at least.

# posted by Blake

I guess I simplified things too much. My point was that it is NOT just "a XUL version of Ms Internet Explorer" as the previous post claimed.

# posted by Joe Q

i rather like browsers that are available in binary form, myself. it's generally the first feature i look for, especially when using Windows. :-)

# posted by peabody the cat

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