Mozilla Coming Attractions has recently added a new article to their status update section called Progress and Future of Mozilla-the-application-suite.

This article includes a summary of where Mozilla is now, where it will be in the next six months and what to expect in the future.

One interesting item in the "New since 1.0" category is:

For the next section "What is planned for the next few months (2/2003 - 6/2003)?", the list seems pretty bland. Hopefully, this is still a document in progress since it mainly refers to cleanup and working on existing features.

Finally, in the next section, "What might be after that?" we have

So, what's left out? What features/fixes/etc would you like to see in Mozilla in the next six months?

» posted by jeffp on February 07, 2003 at 12:53 AM


Anyone have a screenshot of Midas?

# posted by Steven Garrity

The best thing you can do for a screenshot is to check out the "demo" link in the story

# posted by jeffp

Customizable toolbars. Otherwise, I am sticking with Phoenix.

# posted by Jonathan

Customizable toolbars may be coming to Mozilla soon according to this UI Spec doc [PDF] at

# posted by pinder

speed speed speed.

I've been using opera7 and it has almost all the features of mozilla but its much faster.

# posted by me

speed speed speed.

I've been using opera7 and it has almost all the features of mozilla but its much faster.

# posted by me

> speed speed speed

define faster.
Faster to load pages?
Faster to switch tabs?
Faster to do back and forth?

Did you try to tune mozilla/phoenix to make it faster to render the pages to see if that solves your problem?


# posted by Jerome

About Opera 7, nice browser, but when it comes to DOM performance it really needs to improve, just compare this page with Mozilla and see (IE is far better than both though):

What I would like to see is not new features, but to fix existing bugs, for example the handling of the bookmarks is badly broken, the html 4.01 support needs to be better, fix css bugs etc.

# posted by Josť Jeria

How about being able to order tabs? Once open they're stuck in that order. C'mon, how hard is that?

Speed. Page loading is decent, but going Back and Forward is particularly slow. Isn't the page i was just on cached? Then why is it taking so long to load back up? I've changed the preferences in cache options but it didn't help.

And bookmarks could be improved upon greatly. You can't even move or rename a bookmark unless you're in 'editing' mode (although yes, you can move them if the sidebar is open).

# posted by jessie

RSS feeds in the sidebar. There were kludges to do this, but RSS 2.0 broke most of them.

# posted by Sheila Lennon

Spending the next few months crushing bugs and working on exisitng features is the right thing to do. Mozilla is in dire need of a big tidy up!

# posted by Olly

Minator is basically what AOL Communicator is: see for screenshots/download.

# posted by Zak

Safari-like bookmark system.

# posted by eric

Anyone know how to get hold of the people "in charge" of Mozilla? I have e-mailed everyone I can find on without any response. I am writing because we have a Midas rich text editing tool which has been out for years, and calling their component Midas is causing confusion with our trademark. Anyone who can help?

# posted by Ben Langhinrichs

I have been assured that it will be renamed.

# posted by Ben Langhinrichs

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