Change the Phoenix Icon

Lim Chee Aun has created some nice icons for Phoenix


Currently, Phoenix uses the same icon as Mozilla. To change Phoenix to use this new (or any other icon) follow these instructions:

  1. In the directory you installed Phoenix, go to chrome directory and create the subdirectories icons/default
  2. Save the phoenix.ico file in this /chrome/icons/default directory
  3. Rename phoenix.ico to main-window.ico
  4. Restart Phoenix and you should see the new icon in the taskbar.

This worked for me using Phoenix 0.5, but not the latest nightly builds works in nightly builds too!

» posted by pinder on February 06, 2003 at 10:08 AM


If you want the icon reflected in your Bookmark Manager window as well, there is one more step (that would go before no. 4). Create another copy of the phoenix.ico file inside the same icons/default directory as the newly created main-window.ico file. Then name the icon bookmark-window.ico.

Here's hoping this newbie makes sense.

# posted by Jonathan

It is ru.
Thank you.
Icon was able to be changed easily thanks to Change the Phoenix Icon & Comments.
Thank you again.
from Japan

# posted by sumu

cheeaun's site had to be mirrored as after it became too popular for the bandwidth allocated

# posted by Chris Neale


# posted by rikae

What that last person meant was "it's not scalable" ;)

My prob is why can't anyone put any of them out in .xpm or .png? It's a heckuva lot easier for the maker to just save it in both formats when it's made rather than me trying to find a converter cuz I use Linux. :(

# posted by sl

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