Mozilla: Blogging's Killer App

Matthew Haughey has written an essay called Mozilla: Blogging's Killer App, showcasing Mozilla's useful features for bloggers who are not yet Mozilla converts.

» posted by pinder on March 04, 2003 at 10:09 AM


Mozilla isn't a killer app for blogging. i use blogger and every time i go to edit the template i find most of my tags get stripped out, especially the links. this is an old bug and has still not been fixed.

untill it is fixed, mozilla is an app that can kill your blog. in fact i only use IE for two reasons: 1, to edit my blog template 2, when i want to edit pages on my site - i MUCH prefer notepad to composer.

fix the textarea bug and allow me to view source in notepad and i'll be a very happy bunny indeed.

# posted by quarsan

... and to complete the loop, you can use nntp//rss to read your favorite blogs directly within Mozilla's newsreader.

# posted by Jason Brome

quarsan, word on the street is that the new version of blogger will fix their bug. My guess is that they set textareas in blogger to 100% width and height, instead of using CSS to do it. I know Ev (former CEO of Pyra) uses mozilla now, so I'm almost positive this will be fixed in the next version, which seems like it should come out any day now, what with the google infusion of cash and resources.

You might want to hack together a custom user stylesheet to override Blogger's textarea, to make it bigger.

# posted by Matt Haughey

thank you mat, that is very kind of you to reply. things are looking up for moz and blogger - your time will come mat ;)

# posted by quarsan

having said that matt, blogger just hasn't been working for a week or so, and it looks like there aren't going to be any improvements.

looks like i'll be off to moveabletype

# posted by quarsan

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