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Asa lets us know of Pierre's excellent recent work with context menus now working in the bookmark menu in Phoenix. Here's a screenshot from the latest nightly build:


I've been waiting for this one for ages since I have most of my bookmarks in folders in the bookmark menu. It was always a pain to open Bookmark Manager just to delete or rename a bookmark.

» posted by pinder on February 27, 2003 at 02:50 PM


Of course, the first thing you do is delete your blogzilla bookmark with it :)

# posted by martijn

Now, when's that overdue tidbit coming to Mozilla??

# posted by jessie


# posted by Erik

This feature and the autofill of forms like IE is what I really miss in Mozilla. :-(

# posted by Josť Jeria

I have wondered for ages why the heck I can't right click on a bookmark like just about everything else. Kudos to the Phoenix developers for giving the main Mozilla project another goal to shoot for, and the rest of us another alternative of ever-increasing quality.

# posted by Ian Rowan

The bookmarks in the sidebar can be right-clicked as well as drag-and-dropped.

# posted by Oliver Klee

whats the name of that theme?

# posted by normalman

> whats the name of that theme?

Qute, aka default Phoenix theme

# posted by Stefan

yes!! this is one of the very last features i am waiting for. great work! now i just hope it gets merged into mozilla soon.. 8)

# posted by glo-worm

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