Initial Minotaur Review

I've been using an unofficial build of Minotaur since early last week. An official build for Windows was released today. While keeping in mind this is a pre 0.1 build, here are some of my initial thoughts:

» posted by pinder on March 31, 2003 at 05:23 PM


Dunno if this happened for you, but after Minotaur used Mozilla's 'default' profile, it changed the theme back to the, uh, default. Outrage! (Actually, not really outrageous for a 0.1 release, but still.)

# posted by Richard

I didnīt have any problems with the Address Book import. It worked pretty well with me. Ahn... by the way, Minotaur use more memory than Mozilla Mail alone for me. Do you know whay?

Minotaur was very slow during my test. The last build of Mozilla was 2x more fast than the new mail soft.

# posted by Alexandre Mandl

thunderbird uses its own profile now. does anybody know how to force it to use mozilla's profile?


# posted by chris

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