How to keep two Mozilla profiles in Sync

Getting tired of waiting for the roaming profile bug to be looked into, Henrik Gemal has written a tutorial with a creative solution to the problem of how to keep two Mozilla profiles in sync.

I love Mozilla and use it both at home and at work. So I have my bookmarks, newsgroups, cookie permissions, address book, etc on two different PCs. So adding an bookmark at work means that you cant see it home and reading a newsgroup posting at home means that it is unread at work. This is very annoying!

Thatís why I decided to get some kind of synchronization going. I wanted to be able to keep the two Mozilla profiles, the one at home and the one at work, in sync.

The procedure looks a little difficult to setup at first, but it should do the trick.

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i've been doing something very similar since Mozilla V1.1. However i believe his approach is a little more complicated than it needs to be.
- Just install Mozilla on the first machine
- create a new profile with your name in a dedicated directory like c:\mozilla_profiles.
- On the second machine install Mozilla (same version)
- once that's done, quit Mozilla,
- copy the file registry.dat from C:\Documents and Settings\[Windows Login Name]\Application Data\Mozilla\ to the 2nd machine.
- copy everything (but the cache) from your profiles directory onto your 2nd machine
Start Mozilla, et voila.

Once the 2 computers are in sync like that, you only need to remember to copy your profile directory back and forth before using Mozilla, i use a tool called filesync for that purpose, because it allows to compare the filedate too.

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for links, don't do any of that. hard.
do this instead:

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