IE and Mozilla side by side

Scope is a multi-tabbed browser which displays web pages using either the IE or Mozilla engine - or both if you want to compare pages side by side. In addition to being extremely fast, Scope is very, very lightweight - only about 250k for the whole program!

Kind of annoying to use as a default browser, but it could be a very handy testing tool to compare IE and Mozilla side by side.

» posted by pinder on December 10, 2002 at 03:30 PM


Seems like a great idea. However, I can't find the download link. Am I missing something? Is Scope 2.0 (July 25 2001) the latest version?

# posted by Steven Garrity

Yeah, I had trouble finding the link as well. [link to download] Scope 2.0 looks like the last build of it and it's the one I tried.

I also had to do the regsvr32 mozctlx.dll trick to get it to render pages in Mozilla.

# posted by pinder

Another piece of software that can use both Gecko and IE is html-kit, a nice litte HTML editor.

# posted by Gilles

Following the trend. Topstyle, an CSS and recently also an (X)HTML editor is capable of using Gecko and IE as well.

# posted by localhost

Nice to see TopStyle mentioned here! I do want to add, though, that TopStyle didn't follow a trend - it has supported Gecko as an embedded browser since 1999. The latest version also supports a full screen, side-by-side preview using both IE and Gecko.

# posted by Nick Bradbury

Do a Google for the Networker browser version 2.60.
It will also use either or both engines and passed Scope way back down the road.....

# posted by Coaster

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