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NY Post (they're never wrong!) is speculating that Google will launch a web browser based on the fact that they've hired a half-dozen key hires in recent weeks.

GBrowser sounds like a pretty lame name. Maybe it will like this.

Maybe it will be Mozilla based. There's even Bug 226572 - Google branded Mozilla browser with the last comment saying:

This is a duplicate of a private bug about working with Google. So closing this one.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 213362 ***

If not Mozilla can always see how they market "GBrowser" to non-geeks and copy that.

More evidence of a Google browser (
Slashdot | Will Google Launch A Browser?
Gmail is too creepy

» posted by pinder on September 20, 2004 at 07:26 PM


More evidence:

Hey, integrated Gmail in Thunderbird would be pretty sweet.

# posted by Greg K Nicholson

thanks Greg, added the img to the post

# posted by pinder

Heh...the first bug is now private, and it obviously wasn't as of the time of this post (unless the comment was copied back when it *was* an open bug -- which I remember seeing, actually).

# posted by Jeff Walden

That image looks an awful lot like one I made.


# posted by Asa Dotzler

I think it is, Asa. Comments here seem to indicate it was grabbed from your site (but perhaps hosted elsewhere to save you some money?).

# posted by Jeff Walden

hmm, interesting. the first bug was open when i copied that comment.

and yes, Asa, that image is a crop of one posted in the first comment.

# posted by pinder

Oh, yeah the disappearing bug 226572 is the proof we were looking for :-) That will be - GBrowser based on Gecko!
I bet Google want it secret to get the annoucement effect in full - we may want to help a bit and stay quiet, but I'm afraid it won't help, Google and MF better get their press release a bit earlier...

# posted by franCk

if there will be any browser, i think Google would use IE underneath.
Ask this question to yourself, has google ever helped mozilla foundation in any way? have you seen an official Google toolbar for gecko or for another OS around? anything open source? Why should they risk if you cannot browse lets say a stupidly designed banking site?.
On the other hand, since microsoft targeted google now, talking certain is not a good idea..

# posted by aaa

a commenter on slashdot suggested calling it "Growser"

"hey jack - did you growse that film site yesterday that i gmailed you about?"

"nah, i was growsing somethin' else"

# posted by jf

This would also explain why they removed their browser statistics from Zeitgeist... conflict of interest.

# posted by woo

Did anyone happen to be browsing the spreadfirefox page last night when someone posted a blog on this? They commented on the original "public" bug report and how the link at the bottom pointed to a private bug, and what that meant. Within 20 minutes this entire post was deleted and that is when the "public" bug linked became private as well...

The spooks are out!

# posted by jbj

"Ask this question to yourself, has google ever helped mozilla foundation in any way? have you seen an official Google toolbar for gecko or for another OS around?"

What about

# posted by ddw

who need Google Browser whenyou can have Google Suite, or , better a Google OS ?
eye-watch the future at ( Google Suite )
or ( Google OS )

# posted by Luca

"Ask this question to yourself, has google ever helped mozilla foundation in any way?"

What, apart from hosting the recent Mozilla Developer Day on their campus?

# posted by Simon Willison

Even if Google isn't basing "Growser" on Mozilla, doesn't it pay for Mozilla to be secretive about it and make bugs private just to get some buzz going leading into Firefox 1.0?

# posted by pinder

Nice page, and yes i think the google browser comes.

# posted by suma-blog

Could the title of the following Google Blog post be a "wink wink, nudge nudge"?

'Browse' used to mean this

# posted by Jonathan Horak

merge google and mozilla, make it gozilla.

# posted by sthahn

however if gbrowser uses ie underneath it would KILL GOOGLE! they are against MS not with them! GO LINUX MOZILLA AND GOOGLE AND THE ENTIRE OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY GO!

# posted by ultramancool

the entire computing future is coming down to GOOGLE VS MICROSOFT!

# posted by Ultramancool

I can confirm googles new browser i have it (. )(. )

# posted by Waggi T

Guess What I Stole Google

(. )( .)
) (
( Y )

# posted by Google Browser Steala Registered by Google
Stefanie Olson also writes on that Google might be working on a browser. She cites these Google activities as indicators: was registered recently by Google
Veteran browser war horses were pouched such as:
Adam Bosworth, a former employee of BEA and Microsoft (IE)
Joe Beda (MS graphics Engine Avalon), further
Joshua Bloch, Sun Microsystems(Java application programming interfaces)

Source: Stefanie Olson, SFGate
Stefanie Olsen has also commented on Web developer Joyce Park, aka Troutgirl

Gisela Strauss

# posted by gisela strauss, munich

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