Firefox 1.0 Guidebook

guidebook.jpgThe Mozilla Store is now taking orders for a Firefox Guidebook. The cover sure looks nice. It ships Sep 30th. Looks like it's aimed towards novice users. Order it now for your mom!

Also available:
Firefox CD & Guidebook
Firefox & Thunderbird CD
Firefox Stickers
Mozilla 1.7 Guidebook

» posted by pinder on September 19, 2004 at 05:53 PM


If I had a credit card, and could afford the internatioanal shipping fees, I would!

# posted by J

Too many pop-ups with IE.

# posted by keith Husband

I have a problem with mozilla firefox. I dont know if this is the appropriate place for help, though I have not found any info on it. The problem is that every time i open the browser, I get a "connection was refused by" regardless of tje site I want to go to. I have rechecked my settings but no browsing. If you can help, thank you. Will

# posted by will

.... umm... ask on mozillazine...

if you're running Norton Internet Security, disable the browser spoofing stuff built in.

# posted by ...

firefox is great! however only one problem! 99%of the web sites i visit 'shake' when i go into them? dont know what the problem is? any ideas??

# posted by will

See the comment above? Try mozillazine

Try with the default thme...

# posted by Mac

I would order one book and CD for everyone who has a computer in my family. It would be their early Christmas present.

# posted by Kenneth (Kete) Wayne Foy, Jr.

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