Another Alternative Firebird and Thunderbird Icon

In the previous post about Alternative Firebird icons, Blogzilla reader deegan points out a link to these fantastic Firebird and Thunderbird icons created by Jairo Boudewyn.

jairo_icons.png jairo_thunderbird_icons.png

Instructions to change the Firebird icon are here. The same instructions can be used to change the Thunderbird icon in it's directory, however, you must rename the Thunderbird icon to messengerWindow.ico instead of main-window.ico.

» posted by pinder on September 28, 2003 at 03:54 PM


amazing. gotta get myself some !

# posted by Denis Boudreau

These'll sure look nice on a OS X desktop

# posted by Gilles

There are beautiful, but they only look good on Windows XP when you are using maximum size. On the start menu and on the desktop they dont look good at all :-(

# posted by Josť Jeria

They look great but unfortunately don't scale down well at all. As soon as I saw them on my quicklaunch bar I had to switch back to the default icons. Also, they are too similar - it's to hard to tell them apart with a quick glance, especially at smaller sizes. As beautiful as they are, they aren't very usable.

# posted by dangerboy

i agree, they look great, but don't scale very well and probably only look good in XP and on the dock in OSX. does that change Firebird icon trick work on OSX?

# posted by pinder

I'll just have to chime in with a "me too" when talking about how terrible these things look at a small size, in contrast with how awesome they look at large sizes. I think truly great icons look good first and foremost at the size EVERYONE will definitely see them at: 16x16 ...the size that is displayed in the title bar, taskbar, and quick launch (assumming you're on Windows). Not everyone has giant 48x48 icons on the desktop.

Still, nice work though... just maybe needs a redesign at smaller sizes.

# posted by komlenic

There's no reason icons need to look identical at 16x16 and 48x48. you could have a small flame for the small size, and these beautiful orbs for the large size.

# posted by Joeri Sebrechts

I love the icons! Does any of you happen to know how to change not only the window icon, but the icons Firebird sets to all html documents?

# posted by [bo]

[bo] -- I was wondering that myself. Somehow my XML files got associated with Firebird, which I don't mind so much, it's just that it uses that ugly red blob as an icon. Anybody know how to fix?

# posted by Paul

how do you make this icon the icon for the application itself in windows and in the quicklaunch? i made the main-window.ico in the default folder, but on my desktop, the firebird icon is still the red one.

# posted by luke

What?? Can't download them anymore??

"Sorry file not currently available."

Anyone know where I can find them?? You can only download the Firebird one for Linux at MozDev.

# posted by Mary

Never mind. They were unavailable for a couple days, but they seem to be back now.

# posted by Mary

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