101 Things That the Mozilla Browser Can Do That IE Cannot

101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot.

» posted by pinder on November 04, 2002 at 10:09 AM


1 thing that IE can do that Mozilla can't: Render pages correctly. It's not about the browser, but about what gets browsed.

# posted by Pål

Render pages correctly??? Correctly based on what? Try and error?

# posted by laszlo

IE doesn't render pages properly, especially not compared to Mozilla. Mozilla is the most W3C-compliant browser ever made.

# posted by grubi

IE makes you think you've done things well, but then you try your html on mozilla and... oops, surprises. That's why I develop on Mozilla, and that's why IE-based developers puts that gorgeus "Optimized for IE" phrase on front of their works :P IE-only developers are lazy people.

# posted by charlie

nice list.... and your bias is well founded. :) But some of your points don't apply when you run IE on a Mac...

# posted by thelorax

first off, the list isn't mine. it's neal's. second, he states at the top that I used the Windows version of IE 6.0; the list will vary slightly for the Mac version.

# posted by pinder

101 Things that Mozilla can do that IE can't.

Mozzila can force you to use it's mailer, IE can't it lets you choose.

# posted by Ian

Yes, Mozilla 1.2.1 is the best and most versatile browser I have used. And it's free.

Better than Opera 7.1b, and others I have used

Tell me though, why do people spend money to stick to IE.

Just curious.

Maybe i will know more about human nature and its irrationality.

Susma Rio Sep

# posted by Susma Rio Sep

Yes, Mozilla 1.2.1 is really the best, most versatile, browser for me so far.

And it's free, unlike Opera which is always trying to get some money...

Tell me though, why others still use commercial browsers like IE, etc.

Which are not as good.

Another instance of man's stupidity?

Your feedbacks whatever are welcome.

Susma Rio Sep

# posted by susma rio sep

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