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Another thing that I just noticed in the latest Phoenix build is how the Preferences dialog have been significantly overhauled. Click here to see a screenshot.

First off it's called Tools | Options now. The left tree control has been replaced with fancy new icons. I never really had a problem with the old prefs dialog box, but its easy to see how it would be overwhelming to the average user.

» posted by pinder on March 25, 2003 at 10:25 AM


Isn't it the qutest option panel you've ever seen?

# posted by Jan!

Great, another problem for extension writers.

(99% joking.)

# posted by Matthew Wilson

reminds me of the galeon options, this being a good thing

# posted by dragoon

I looked at that and said, "dang. that's just sooo much better."

# posted by Joshua

That is much nicer, do the different themes change the icons? or are they set?

# posted by flatrabbit

Different themes do change the icons, if the theme creator has created icons for it.

Breeze - Tools | Options, which does not have icons set.

Aqua Jag - Tools | Options, which does have its own icons.

# posted by pinder

that's great! I'm so glad i switched Px to my default in sepember.....and now with minotaur/thunderbird coming im getting spoiled.

# posted by flatrabbit

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