Thunderbird with Qute Theme

Mozilla Thunderbird is really shaping up. I really like the May 27th build. Some of the recent changes:

And don't forget to visit the excellent Thunderbird Help site for tips and more info.

» posted by pinder on June 02, 2003 at 03:37 PM


I really dislike the Qute theme, and I think using something that fits in better with windows (for the windows distro at least) would make adoption a much easier sell. Leave the less professional themes as optional installs.

# posted by James

I in contrast really like this theme. It was my choice when Phoenix had another default theme, so I was thrilled when I heard it would be the new default.

I think it fits very well in a Windows or Linux environment since it is based on the Classic theme. I'm not sure about Mac OS X though (haven't seen it on this platform yet).

# posted by Stefan

Qute is one of the reasons I just switched from Mozilla 1.3.1 to Firebird 0.6. It's so beautiful. :)

# posted by Jon

dumb me confused Firebird and Thunderbird, sorry.

# posted by Jon

I think FiredBird is more well done in graphic style than ThunderBird... IMHO ThunderBird needs more UI treat than Firebird... For example Firebird's Breeze theme is well done and balanced... but this one looks messy like all the icons where from many artists...

That's my first impressions... :)

# posted by mini-d

Me too: I was so taken with the big nice icons in the new build that I started using the Phat Qute theme in Firebird as well.

# posted by Olle

The Breeze theme is my favourite theme for Firebird. Hopefully Thunderbird incorporates more extensive themes support soon.

# posted by pinder

I agree, Breeze is simple and look great on ANY platform

# posted by cottnn

Personally I use coffeecup, and may port over to Thunderbird one of these days... But in the meantime I love the Qute Icons in TB! Awesome!

# posted by Jed

Am I the only one in the world who hates Qute? It's looks baaad!

# posted by Michael

I really dont like qute either, some of the versions have been more bearable than others but on the whole nope.

I realise that people have different views but people seem to either love or hate qute. I think it would be good to settle on a default theme that is less polarised on opinion.

I really like coffeecup, does anyone *hate* it?

# posted by Daz

The only UI-based complaint I have is the folder icons.. there's just something about them. Anyone know if there is plans to include them into the themes?

# posted by Dave

I'd love it if there was a Breeze theme for Thunderbird. I really like Breeze as its simple and doesn't have massive icons like so many other themes. And like Pinder said, it looks good on any platform.

# posted by Dave G

The new theme is a certain improvement of the old base theme, but my queston is where is the Tab options?

I would love if someone could put in an extention or whatnot that allows you to customize the tabs a bit. I would like to dictate where they are - like the bottom of the window

# posted by nano

gulp. i found the extention :D

delete post if possible. thanks

# posted by nano

I think the Qute theme looks fantastic as well.

# posted by Mark

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