Thunderbird + Camino? Anyone? Bueller?

Now that Thunderbird is "a go" as a project, I was thinking that it would be nice if someone made a Mac OSX specific version, just like Camino.

Does anyone know if this has been attempted? Started? Thought about?

Hopefully someone takes this project up, Camino is (in my opinion) back on top as the premier OS X browser and I'd love the same team to tackle an OS X Thunderbird implementation.

» posted by jeffp on April 30, 2003 at 03:45 AM


You mean like this? It's cool. Acording to the strategy doc OS X will also be getting an official Mozilla Firebird so as to keep XUL support for the platform etc.

# posted by Nick

sorry, that went wrong, no link. what about like this

# posted by Nick

Nick, FYI Mozilla Firebird is the browser, Mozilla Thunderbird is the Mail/News App.

# posted by Smart Guy

I doubt it. First of all the Camino folks probably don't have time and I don't want them to compromise Camino for it.

Also, there are plenty of good mail clients on OS X already.

# posted by Jeff

How about a thunderbird osx version?

# posted by hedgehog130

I just installed the latest Thunderbird + Firebird, and I already see the drawbacks compared to the old Mozilla integrated approach. When I click on a link in a TBird email, Firebird doesn't open. Now, that is exactly the kind of integration problems I anticipated. Ouch!

# posted by Mats Henricson

Not really sure what you mean, if it is a mac os x version of thunderbird, you can download it from (still dubbed as Minotaur).

# posted by Ricardo Lamego

I'm sorry, I can't come to the phone right now, I'm home, sick in bed.

# posted by Ferris

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