The Minotaur challange

From the Minotaur website:
"Feeling brave? You could pull and build the ISHMAIL_1_0_BRANCH branch to try out Minotaur mail, based off of Mozilla 1.0. (win32 only)"

So, I'm putting out a challange to someone who has some time on their hands, "Can you build Minotaur !".

For those who've tried it, building Mozilla is not that daunting, I've built many versions of mozilla/browser, the precursor to Phoenix, but it is a VERY time consuming process.

So, let's get those compilers compiling and lets see what Mintotaur looks like!

» posted by jeffp on November 22, 2002 at 04:22 AM


Linking Minotaur to yourself!

Here's the link

# posted by Pratik

Well Minotaur will look exactly the same as mozilla mail/news AFAIK. Thunderbird is the one that meant to have a different interface.

# posted by Mike Lee

I wonder if which one will be used for Phoenix.. Minotaur or Thunderbird? Both?

# posted by cheeaun

It's a "The Emperor's New Clothes" thing, cheeaun ;)

# posted by laszlo

You can use both with Phoenix (or any other mail client for that matter), but Thunderbird will be based on the toolkit developed by Pheonix (like toolbar customisation).

# posted by Mike Lee

Any builds surfaced yet?
A build a day keeps the ellepants away!

# posted by Bengt Baron

Slightly off subject..
Running Mandrake 9.0 and Mozilla 1.1
Is there a way to change the default computer speaker beep to a user chosen sound when new mail arrives ?

# posted by Andre P.

Andre, I think customisable sound alert is checked in for mozilla 1.2

# posted by Mike Lee

Does anyone have a built Minotaur executable?

# posted by star

Just wondering about an EXE of Minotaur myself. : )

# posted by Bob Hicks

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