Quicker Way to Change Home Page

Found out something new today, as well, which will seem awfully similar to Pinder's previous post. In various flavors of Mozilla, dropping the location bar icon or a link (from say a webpage) onto Home will set your home page to said location.

Short, but sweet. Kind of like this tip. By the way, I found out about this in a thread at MozillaZine.

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A somewhat related tip: if you enable the Go button, you can drag links to it to go to the link. What is especially nice is that it supports text links so you don't have to cut them and paste them into the URL bar.

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And to complete the drag'n'drop tip-o-rama for the people that didn't know yet: if you use tabs you can drop linked URLs or marked unlinked URLs to an existing tab or to an empty spot on the tab bar.

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