Phoenix Needs a New Name?

On the MozillaZine Phoenix forum, Blake Ross posts about a possible name change:

We need to rename Phoenix. The kind folks over at have complained about trademark infringement. Anyone have thoughts on a cool, meaningful new name?

Great, more frivolous trademark infringement claims. I hope they leave the name as Phoenix.

» posted by pinder on November 13, 2002 at 02:18 PM


i got it!


# posted by Lancer

What the hell? What idiots allow someone to trademark a single word that by itself has meant something for ages? What a bunch of wankers.

# posted by Lach

How about:


# posted by chad

Our Phoenix folks should stand their ground, if possible. Phoenix isn't a name--it's a word in the English language. Shouldn't that make it more difficult for a company to pull something like this? I guess the similarity in categories could make it sticky--software product vs. software development company? But honestly. Sheeh.

# posted by Owen

How about notPhoenix?

# posted by Adam

Not my original idea, but someone suggested 'raptor', a small, fast version of the lizard.

# posted by Shark Daddy

"raptor" can not be...

It needs an "x" somewhere.

Maybe "raptorx"

# posted by Lancer

Sure, this is wrong, but how many Phoenix users are willing to pony up cash to help out if lawyers get involved?

# posted by cobra libre

Though it's a bit difficult to spell, I've always been fond of the Flying Dinosaurs...


# posted by Art


Suggestion originally from Erik on

# posted by Nick

But isn't "Apple" a common english word that is also a trademark of Apple Systems Inc.? Apple can only contest trademark infringement only if the infringing mark makes it possible to confuse it with that of Apple.

In this case, it might be confusing to think that Phoenix, the browser, is a product of Phoenix, the software company.

# posted by seav

I like Newt

# posted by Jed

Looks like the .com company has indeed copyrighted Phoenix. Why not call it Feenix. Same pronounciation and means no fee.

# posted by Bob


I can't even spell Phoenix!

# posted by Shark Daddy

Jed? Another Jed and mozilla/phoenix user.. sweet =)
Haha.. sorry for the lame post, I have only met one other Jed in my life.

Definitally "Newt" !


# posted by Jed (#2?)

Newt is the best one so far. It describes that this is a smaller version of Gecko.

# posted by Brett

What about Zetes!
It's a greek Mithology character that had a sight 4 times sharp than an eagle... He could see further then anyone else? Catch the catch?

# posted by sixhat

What about 'Spam' no. 'Spamx' looks better.

# posted by Lancer

how about Espresso?

# posted by fellow dork

Why must the name have an X in it? Netscape doesn't, Mozilla doesn't, phoenix only has one, because it happened to be in the word that they chose as fitting. Personally I like Raptor the best so far. Newt seems a bit weak for the product. Although it would be nice to mix in the Monty Python references. ;)

# posted by Burny does seem to be substantial and to have been around a long time ... the problem lies with the trademark people accepting common words, and especially symbolic words, as titles (in jurisdictions where they don't you get homophone 'misspellings' which are then registerable). Apple (computers) had trouble with Apple (Beatles) esp. when they moved into multimedia.
Solutions? FeeNIX (homophone) ... something else that rose from ashes? And if you want an X in the name just look at a copy of 'Asterix the Gaul' for inspiration.

# posted by Richard Rowe

Salamanders (a group which includes newts) are in legend impervious to fire ... but they are in practice loaded with junk DNA, which would be bad symbolism for a lean, mean coding. They also manifestly lack an X in the name

# posted by Richard Rowe

There is a long (129 pages!) discussion thread on it:

# posted by Bernhard Kaindl

I like FeeNIX. What about Freenix? People just love free things.

# posted by Mike

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