Note about Phoenix 0.3 functionality

Soh Kam Yung writes:

See the release notes.

Changes include the addition of the much missed image blocking and a change in the blocking of pop-ups.

By default, pop-ups are blocked. When a website tries to display a pop-up, a "Info" icon appears on the bottom left of the Phoenix status bar. Clicking on it lets you choose whether to allow the pop-up for this site or not (a 'white-list' approach to pop-ups).

Note: to see this pop-up feature, you cannot copy over your current cookperm.txt file: you need to let phoenix create a new cookperm.txt file (this has been my experience).

You *must* read the release notes before installing: this release is not backwards compatible with previous phoenix releases.

» posted by jeffp on October 16, 2002 at 11:56 PM


Also, typeaheadfind is disabled in 0.3. I never realized how often I use it till it was gone!

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