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Sometimes I wonder why they change small things like this while some of the other bigger UI issues with Mozilla have been untouched for months, even years. What was wrong with the old icons? The new address book icon looks like a blob and the new composer icon is colorless. Was it changed because the old address book icon was wider than the others?

The related bug doesn't say much about why.

» posted by pinder on July 12, 2002 at 10:23 AM



Honestly, I think all icons seen above suck. The Navigator icon is simply a sized down mozilla logo as seen in the throbber. That same logo is also seen at least in mailnews on the throbber, so how is that logo related to Navigator?

The MailNews icon... well it clearly states what it's for, but is very, very dull (as are the others).

The Editor icon? A piece of paper, a pen, a globe... why didn't they also put a watch, a speaker and a printer on it, after all, you can see the time, hear music and print stuff while using Editor as well. The icon does *not* obviously say that it's for composing or editing HTML or plain text. Nor is it nice - in either version.

The address book icon was changed from an ugly icon to an uglier one. You'll have to look at the icon for at least 5 seconds to notice it might depict an organizer.

[And don't even get me started about the chatZilla icon ;-) ]


And of course, I have to agree with pinder. These small changes are sometimes nice, but there is a lot of more important work to be done.

# posted by Chucker

Yet the sorry black line stays above the component bar!

# posted by rgw

Couldn't that row of icons be made to work in a nicer way? I'd like the ability to have all mozilla apps in one window, using those icons like general tabs. Each app would then keep it's own internal tabs, like composer and browser having separate tabs.

Also, XPIs should be able to add icons there, and the user should be able to get for example JS Console, Venkman, and such icons there.

(Maybe this should have been an RFE)

# posted by Liorean

I think that MultiZilla can do that. It’s called Maxbrowser mode.

 — MXN

# posted by Minh Nguyễn

Oops, almost forgot the rest of my reply:

XPIs can add icons there. Download Mozilla Calendar or JabberZilla, and you’ll see an extra icon in the Component Bar.

# posted by Minh Nguyễn

Why isn't there an Icon Link to message composing? I use the mail composer a lot more than I use the HTML composer.

# posted by James

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