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According to Bug 194291, Mozilla will soon have a new splash screen. No more green lizard everyone love/hates. From the bug description:

It is possible that this bug will receive a certain amount of attention. Before you comment here, listen carefully: This is not bug 32218. There will be no discussion of which of the many available splash screens is "best". Please do not attach other screens to this bug, or comment with URL locations. This screen is what we are having. It remains possible to install your own splash screen if you are the sort of person who has too much time and needs to get out more.

Here's the BMP of the final revision of the new splash screen. Note: the BMP loads in Mozilla, but in Phoenix 0.5, I get the error message "The image cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Update: here's a link to the PNG version of the splash screen.

» posted by pinder on February 24, 2003 at 09:52 AM


I get the same error msg with yesterday's OS X mozilla build :/

# posted by Another Chris

that splash screen isnt something youd print out and hang on your wall like a piece of art but at least its clean and professional - exactly what was needed.

# posted by jeremy

*Yawn* I don't like splash screens anyway, though.

# posted by Owen

Could somebody please post a png/gif/jpg?

# posted by Micah

It seems a bit... "plain". I realize that it's supposed to be professional and all, but it still seems a bit sparse.

# posted by Arcterex

Is that it? It aint much, but it's an improvement.
May I suggest adding the build # to the splash?

Nothing more, nothing less . . . just a thought.

# posted by DJGM

I've got just one word for that new splash screen: boring

(I think the lizard's kinda cute.)

# posted by Jason

I get the error in Mozilla 1.2.1 in OS X.

# posted by Phatty Lumpkin

Eh, I had to use IE6 to see the fucker, my Mozilla 1.3a just wasn't good enough!

# posted by Olle Jonsson

Seriously, who designed that splash screen ? Better nothing than that.
Use and put the Mozilla name below.

# posted by Daniel Glazman

here's a link to the PNG version of the splash screen.

# posted by pinder


# posted by Lancer

I prefer this one

# posted by Lancer

ok, this is weak. there are about 1000 times better looking splash screens available. A lot of them look more professional than this. this is so weak. shame on the guy who decided this.

# posted by thomas

As I understand it, it's not meant to be pretty, or even to look better than the previous one. It's just meant to replace a file which had legal problems.

# posted by Matthew Wilson

It's not professional, it's boring as Hell. No professional splash would misuse that much space with such a hideous orange color. Christ, they could at least have used the logo from I agree with a previous poster: I'd rather have no splash at all than something that boring.

# posted by Kovu

Blame that responsability to... Gervase Markham

Look at the icons, the default theme, the new spashscreen... those people have no brain, no interest or ... ?

# posted by MOZ

That splash sucks.

# posted by Sucks

Too plain. I also think adding the build number would be nice.

# posted by coda

why so big when the content is just in the middle. It should be smaller.
I don't like the way its been phrased as "this is the way it is, hard luck if you dont like it". we all care about how mozilla looks to potential new mozilla users and I dont think this is much or any progress from the last splash screen.

# posted by Daz


Better no splash than that one.

# posted by Anthony


# posted by Samo

This orange apparatus is enough to turn a new user off to a fine product, a problem made much more embarassing by the fact that so many excellent entries were proposed. What internal politics led to the selection of this "professional" splash among so many superior applicants?

# posted by Rangita

How do I get rid of this?

"The image cannot be displayed, because it contains

# posted by w3bd00d

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