MSN Messenger in Firebird?

Scanning through the extensions at Mozilla Firebird Help, I came upon one that really caught my eye: Msnmsgr. From it's mozdev project page: "The Msnmsgr project was started about June 17th... as a crossplatform (in theory) alternative to MSN Messenger." Interesting.

Here are a couple screenshots and its installer.

» posted by jonathan on July 25, 2003 at 09:32 PM


I just added this to the database list today!
Good catch ;). I was holding back on listing it until my Firebird paches were checked in ;)
This is one awesome extension!!
The Author is doing a killer job!

# posted by Jed

How bizarre. Where is Jabber? MSN users all go to HELL!

# posted by Satan

It works on Netscape 7.x and the Mozilla app-suite as well!

# posted by DJGM

How bizarre. Where is Jabber? MSN users all go to HELL!

Jabberzilla. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be actively worked on.

# posted by Minh Nguyễn

…and Jim. Another inactive project. :^(

# posted by Minh Nguyễn

It is the law of Jabber: there will never be good clients.

# posted by Satan

Trillian Pro will be a jabber client on it's next release.

# posted by Mike Goodspeed

What about Gaim? It supports Jabber.

# posted by Jonathan

It looks like Jim is active again. A new pre-release came out not too long ago. I’m trying to help out. Ah, the beauty of open-source…

# posted by Minh Nguyễn

Wicked. But is there any way to change the stupid default MS default icon (the stipd four coloured window) that the application uses?

# posted by Schviden

kk u kno wha i need help lolz ma msn keeps sighnning off n not tellin me why n den sighns me back in every 5 min do u kno how i can fix datz

# posted by olga

well looks like the project (msnmsgr) went inactive due to lack of support....

# posted by kintao8

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