Mozilla Mail no longer annoys me

I like email, I liked Netscape Mail, I really like Mozilla can't drag more than one attachment at a time onto the "Attachments" drop area.

This limitation was really annoying and was pretty much the last major frustration I *had* with Mozilla Mail.

I say had, because since March 12th, 2002, a fix for bug has been checked in.

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The last major bug I have with moz mail is twofold. One is the option for "encrypt to those who you can encrypt to" is *still* greyed out (under the account->security settings). This means that s/mime messages either are encrypted to people, or not, you can't send mail to a group of people and have it encrypted to those whose certs you have, and only signed to those whose certs you don't have.

Niggly bit number two is that last time I checked, new mail that is filtered on the server (ie: via procmail) is not updated in the message count in your folders. So if I have mail to people/bob being moved from my inbox via procmail on the server, mozilla won't notice this until I move off the mailbox and back onto it. VERY sucky. OE handles this nicely, so it *can* be done.

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Please help me!!
I can not send emails. When I want to sends, it always show *Sending of messeage failed. no recipientswere specified. Please enter a recipient or newgroup in the addressing area.* How could I do with this problem....

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Mozilla mail does not seem to be saving it's settings. Whenever I start it, it acts like it is the first time. I have checked folder settings etc but no joy. I would appreciate any help some one can give as this is very annoying.

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