Minotaur??? Thunderbird??? I wait impatiently

I use Phoenix, but I still want to use Mozilla mail (I despise outlook and don't want to use some other third-party client), so what's a person to do? Currently the only solution for me is to leave Mozilla running for mail while using Phoenix for browsing.

This combo taskes a little getting used to and it's not bad. It's annoying though, since clicking on links in mail automatically opens Mozilla the Browser, not Phoenix and there's a lot more memory being used up than I'd like to see.

However, there is a solution to all this, Minotaur (stand-alone mail) or Thunderbird (stand-alone mail with the Phoenix toolkit) are still being worked on behind the scenes.

Seth Spizter, one of the mail developers on the mail-news branch of Mozilla recently posted a (sort-of) update to this, explaining that work is still being done, but it's not a real high proirity.

» posted by jeffp on November 19, 2002 at 01:50 AM


So why does Mozilla have to come with Mozilla Mail and Composer? Why can't they offer a version that's just a browser? I'm using Phoenix all the time now, but miss some of Mozilla's more advanced features. Is there a long sad tale behind the story of the bundle?

# posted by Owen

I don't think the reason why Mozilla has all the apps bundled is anymore complex than "It's the way Netscape 4.x worked".

Mozilla.org seems to have future plans to split the apps (see the GRE or XRE projects).

# posted by jeffp

I don't use netscape for a reason, every time netscape crashes also the mail/news client do!
come on! i'd really appreciate a standalone mail/newsreader client, and it's time to develop it! :)

# posted by Max

Hey, go to the Thunderbird's site and download the release!

# posted by Renato Atilio

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