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Sometimes I have to use IE at work. Whenever I do, I find myself constantly using Mozilla shortcuts and features. I'm always middle-clicking on links. In Mozilla this opens the link in a new tab. In IE, this opens the Logitech Scroll Wheel. Or I start typing, attempting to use typeaheadfind, which of course does nothing in IE. Being a web developer, View Source is the other big one. I'm constantly hitting CTRL-U or highlighting some text and looking for "View Selection Source" in the IE context menu. After an unsuccessful attempt, I have to stop myself and copy/paste the URL back into a new tab in Phoenix.

Do you ever find yourself using Mozilla shortcuts in IE? Which ones?

» posted by pinder on January 13, 2003 at 05:31 PM


Ctrl+T. I got bored of this not doing anything in IE, so I stopped using it. IE, that is.

# posted by Alex Bishop

Ctrl-T also.

# posted by antiquior

middle click constantly. I generally slam my mouse on the pad when I realize I have to waste a right click move locate left click in order to make a new window from link.

IE is the bane of usability, I have become increasingly convinced of this. I wonder how Microserfs stand it.

# posted by ealar

I middle click all the time. It drives me nuts when the little arrow from intellimouse comes up and super-scrolls my window away. Now not only did I not get another window, I have no idea where I was on my page...


# posted by Russ

ctl-t, ctl-u, ctl-l + javascript: + <ret>...

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Adding to the chorus of voices for middle-click. Who even bothers using the scroll-drag function in IE, anyways? I've got my scroll wheel set to flip a page at a time, which is much faster anyways.

# posted by chrominance

CTRL +, CTRL -, CTRL L, CTRL T, CTRL enter, CTRL leftmouseclick on link. CTRL D without having to hit enter after that., Shift leftmouseclick to save a file instead of opening it in a new window (?!)

And I think many more, but I IE doesn't get much more to do then getting the new critical updates...

# posted by localhost

Forgot one that I realy love when I'm browsing the wrong sites without enabling pop-up controll: CTRL Q to completely quit the browser and all active windows. sry

# posted by localhost

Ctrl-T, without a doubt. View selection source is a big one for me as well, since web design is my business. With all this love of tabs, I'm surprised Safari doesn't have them-- not that I need to be tempted to get a Mac.

# posted by Owen

Thanks for coming back. :) Are you kidding? I use Phoenix shortcuts all over the place! Just today I was in Microsoft Access and wanted to view a different form than the one I was in: ctrl + t.

And, I'm always using Mouse Gestures in Windows Explorer. Is there any way to use Gecko as a good file explorer?

# posted by Ken

I suggest that the IE naysayers look at

Specifically for View Selection Source and a DOM tree.

But I do like that Moz has these things built in. And of course, tabs, tabs, tabs!

PS- Phoenix is my main browser, I only use IE for braindead web sites (which are getting fewer and farther between).

# posted by djk

We need an IE icon set to go with the IE theme!

# posted by David Gerard

'View Image' in the context menu. One of my favorite features from the old Netscape days.

# posted by fgxh298

We need an IE icon set to go with the IE theme!Here you go! — MXN

# posted by Minh Nguyễn

CTRL + +: After using mozilla for awhile, I cannot stand small fonts!

IE lacks this shortcut, and plus, the font + and - feature doesn't even work most of the time...

# posted by Brian Cho

typeaheadfind and ctrl u. whats worse is that i use macs at work so it's 'apple' instead of ctrl. i do have 'apple-l' though.

oh, and i've never liked tabs anyway but i guess i'm on my own here. with that and the mac thing does that mean i'm banned?

# posted by pete

I've enabled CTRL + Mousewheel to allow me to increase and decrease font size on the fly. Use it all the time. It's one of the reasons I can't stand IE. Friend of mine was watching me look something up and started giving me a bad time about my screen resolution being too high. As he spoke, I just increased the font size to the point that he could read it across the room. It shut him up.

# posted by James


# posted by jedrek

Typeaheadfind and toolbar keywords. All the time I catch myself typing in g (space) "something or other" to search using Google. w3 (space) for validation. And whois (space) for a whois lookup.

# posted by Jonathan

Ctrl+T. Ctrl+U. Type ahead find.

# posted by codeman38

I'm always trying to find Security and it just doesn't exist. I'm always doing CTRL+CLICK and CTRL+U and the Middle Click...

I love Mozilla. I use it everywhere I can download and install it to.

# posted by Ryan

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