FTP client for Firefox: fireFTP

I get asked about once a week what's a good free FTP client. Now I can point them to fireFTP, a plugin an extension that gives you an FTP client in Firefox.


» posted by pinder on October 18, 2004 at 07:17 PM


Only 50KB?! Wow. To the bottom of the fireFTP project page:

If you're havin' IE problems, I feel bad for you, son - I got 99 problems but a browser ain't one. -DJ Danger Mime

# posted by Jonathan Horak

I love that 99 problems quote.

# posted by GURT

DJ Danger Mime is a lously rapper.

If people reject your proposal of installing both a browser and an FTP client, which could be overkill for some people, you could direct them to filezilla @ filezilla.sourceforge.net.

# posted by ojintoad

I was very excited about this. However, after installing it, I must sadly report that this, to me, is a novelty extension, not anything I would really use.


- Minimal integration with Firefox UI. It merely adds a menu item under "Tools" to launch the application. I expected it to take FTP URLs from the address bar, launch in a tab, etc.
- No integration with the OS. Can't drag and drop files. This right here rendered it useless for me.
- Poor local browsing. You must actually click a "Browse" button to select anything but raw disk files (i.e., if you want to get to My Documents or any virtual folder/device, you have to go to 'Browse...' or find the folder under your account...) Very annoying.
- The UI takes up a lot of screen real estate, yet it doesn't include many needed features. The log is on a separate tab. 50px of width is taken up by a silly "Download/Upload" panel separating the local and remote views. Maximized, at a 1280*768 resolution, the window feels cramped.
- Minor problem: when the connections times out, the program pops up an attention-seeking dialog box. If the log was on the main screen, this could be simply displayed there.

I don't mean to belittle the hard work of the people who put this together, but it's not a serious FTP client. If the above problems are fixed, I would absolutely love to start using it.

For now I will continue to use the free SmartFTP. Clicking through their hassle box upon launch is a small price to pay for a beautifully-executed FTP application. Come to think of it, $29.95 ain't a bad price either!

# posted by neven

dj who? is that for real?

that quote is is a version from Jay-Z's last song (i got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one)

nice to learn ofa new ftp client, im sure it will rock!

# posted by carloboy

I second ojintoad's Filezilla suggestion. Back when I was on Windows (not too long ago) it was my FTP client of choice.

The quote is most likely the creation of fireFTP's developer: space cowboy. It is most definitely a rip of Jay-Z's 99 Problems.

# posted by Jonathan Horak


# posted by marco ramiro

It's not a plugin, it's an Extension

# posted by Henrik Gemal

A good one to recommend would be SmartFTP.

# posted by Hem Ramachandran

I too use filezilla and strongly recommend it.

# posted by Bill

He's no MC Chris

# posted by GURT

the extension is ok, but it's not top of the shelf yet.
filezilla is fine, ye.
the 99 problems and a b*tch ain't 1 quote was introduced into hiphop by ice-T (on his OG album early 90's)
but it actually goes way back to old (1920s) blues.


# posted by piet haring

I like FileZilla myself (No relation as far as I can tell). It's over on sourceforge and they offer a good client (could still use links to desktop and my documents on windows) and a server that is easy to run. Both are free and open source too.

# posted by Neil M

;free, fast, configurable e-mail client you ask? eh... why not filezilla?


;in response to neven's comment, i would say that a slim 50K ftp client drummed up in three months isn't bad. and if you had taken the time to read the release notes, they have a roadmap:


;i'm sure they wouldn't might you submitting a feature bug either:



# posted by treehead

I understand all that, and yes, I did read the notes. The main reason I adopted a somewhat complainatory tone of voice was pinder's implication that this was the #1 free FTP client to recommend. I support the development of this 100%, and would LOVE to start using it when it's ready, but it's simply not good enough to seriously use right now. So I would suggest it to power users as an interesting - and I admit, impressive - piece of programming, but not to someone asking for a "good free FTP client". There are at least two alternatives that would work much better for Joe User.

# posted by neven

neven to a large extent I agree with you. However this is perfect for me since at uni I can't install software I've put the zip version of Firefox on my drive. With limited space and the ability to resume uploads this is a huge plus for me. Especially at home when many a time on dial-up I got disconnected at 99%.

# posted by mcm

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